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The little things about us

Time:2018-09-02 Views:8

    August 20th ( monday ), President of the United States ( Trump ) said trade talks between Chinese and American officials this week, he did not hold hope, and not to end the trade friction between China and the establishment of a timetable, and also criticized the Communist Party of manipulating its currency.

However, in the exchange rate of the downturn in 2018, we still maintain a good development trend. In my own, for example :

In march 2018, I got 100k pcs lanyards and 50k pcs id card holder orders which from Dubai.

In may 2018, I got 10k pcs luggage tag orders which from Australia government.

In June 2018, I got a metal plate order from Switzerland Gisada.

These are a few key points to get these orders: 

First, my patience and perseverance for each customer, we have maintained the best service attitude.

Second, capacity and cooperation in our factory. 100k pcs lanyards, completed in 7 days! 50k pcs id card holders, completed in 4 days!

Third, my manager, Alisa gave me much support. Whatever problems we encounter, such as delivery time, shipping way, she always gave us biggest support.


We are a big family with loving, harmony, fight, effort. I believe we will be better and better in the future.